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Speeches and Presentations

Innovation is everyone’s job and can be practiced everywhere. Many people think that you need a genius leader or to be a startup company to innovate. Many also think that innovation is all about creating a new hit product or an industry-disrupting business model. None of these myths is true!


In his keynote speeches, virtual webinars, and other presentations, Ben explains how established companies, even in traditional industries not known for innovation, can embed continuous innovation inside their organization, innovation of all kinds and driven by everyone and transform into powerhouses of innovation.

Topics for Speeches and Presentations

  • Built to Innovate: How to Wire Innovation into Your Company’s DNA

  • Building and Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

  • Innovation is Everyone’s Job: The Role of Frontline Employees

  • Middle Managers: The Forgotten Heroes of Innovation

  • Innovation Leadership: Senior Leaders as Chief Reframing Officers


Sample Talk--Built to Innovate: How to Wire Innovation into Your Company's DNA

Digital disruption, changing markets, evolving customer needs, and increasingly fierce competition—all in a time of political and social upheaval—are making the job of leading a business more difficult than ever. How do you keep your company moving forward in such an unpredictable, fast-paced world? How do you keep innovating in the face of constant change? Two words: Continuous innovation.

In this talk, Ben M. Bensaou offers offer a practical framework and a proven, systematic method based on many years of research and practice to help build, maintain, and enhance your company’s collective innovating capabilities. 

He provides a new way forward with vital insights for building your innovating engine--a structured, protected. and fully legitimized space where everyone can innovate, you can innovate in everything you do, and innovating is a habit.


This talk will help you understand how to create the governance structure, the three processes, and the culture driving your innovating engine. Bensaou explains the roles to be played by frontline employees, middle managers, and senior leaders in keeping the innovating engine humming, forging a pathway to a profitable future.



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