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Advance Reviews for Built to Innovate

Built to Innovate shows how leaders can create an innovating engine that mobilizes all the people who work for their organization. The book offers both a big-picture conceptual framework and a proven method developed through many years of academic research and practice. It is filled with interesting examples and is thought-provoking. It is a must-read.”

W. Chan Kim, The BCG Chair Professor of INSEAD and The World’s #1 Management Thinker by Thinkers50 


“In today’s world, a company that does not innovate cannot succeed. In the best organizations, everyone from the C-suite to the factory floor is enabled and encouraged to innovate. Fortunately, there are tools and systems that can be used to stimulate innovation in any industry, and Ben M. Bensaou’s new book is comprehensive and remarkable in this respect."—Guler Sabancı, Chair, Sabancı Holding


“Innovation is a core challenge for all leaders, and I am focused on it as governor of Japan’s No.1 industrial center, which is aiming to shape the world’s foremost and unparalleled startups ecosystem. Ben M. Bensaou’s Built to Innovate offers insights into the why, the how, and the who of innovating that leaders in business, the nonprofit sector, and government alike are sure to find compelling and powerful.” —Hideaki Ohmura, Governor, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


“For a science-based company like Bayer, it is crucial to enable innovation and bring it to market. This is possible only if we encourage our employees and leverage their innovative potential. In his inspiring book Built to Innovate, Ben M. Bensaou provides not only useful insights, but also clear examples of how to simultaneously lead innovation and transformation in a high-performance business.”—Werner Baumann, CEO, Bayer AG 


“How do we create societies where innovation is second nature? Built to Innovate is about making innovation systemic, which is exactly what we need to create sustainable prosperity in many nations.” – Lucy Quist, author of The Bold New Normal: Creating the Africa Where Everyone Prospers


“Many organizations struggle to innovate—not because they lack good ideas, but because they don’t know how to create a supportive greenhouse in which innovative ideas can flourish. Ben M. Bensaou’s book explains in detail how to create such a greenhouse. In a world where standing still means falling behind, business leaders need the insights Bensaou provides to remain relevant in future un-chartered waters.”—Jan R. Carendi, PhD, h.c., member of the Lombard International Board of Directors, former member of the executive board of Allianz SE and CEO of Allianz of Americas


“In an era when tech rules the markets, everyone will advise you to innovate more. Yet no one ever tells you how to do this. Ben M. Bensaou provides an immensely valuable, nuanced set of approaches to enhance innovating as a truly organizational process. This is a must-read for anyone tasked with ramping up their company’s innovating engine.”—Toby Stuart, Helzel Professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Innovation; Associate Dean, External Affairs; and Faculty Director, Institute for Business Innovation, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


"Innovating should be everyone’s habit, but it’s usually done by a select few. Bensaou’s BTI framework and his seven-step process show how everyone can participate in priming the organization’s innovating engine to forge a pathway to a profitable future.”—N. Venkat Venkatraman, author of The Digital Matrix, David J. McGrath Jr. Professor of Management, Boston University, Questrom School of Business


"With fresh eyes, Ben M. Bensaou peers backstage into some of the world’s most innovative companies to reveal a number of elegant and original concepts and tools. His carefully crafted stories and well-researched cases will teach leaders how to create a culture of innovation, and reward anyone interested in the science and practice of innovating.”—Dr. Jon Arsen Chilingerian, Ph.D., Professor of Health Care Management, Heller School at Brandeis University, and Director of the MD-MBA and EMBA Physician Programs, Tufts University School of Medicine

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